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  1. Earl M

    I like your videos about the truth of the word of God. We as believer’s should be speacking the truth with boldness by the leading of the Holy Spirit not fearing man for what can man do to us, but by the fear of God which should be in all believers. May God bless you and the work He has called you to do.

    1. Minmin

      Uproar Praise- I know that the man who runs this ministry is a man of great faith who ieedntfly put his faith into action and encourages other believers to do the same. This ministry offers resources and information to help all believers become worship leaders even people like me who have absolutely no musical talent lol Their goal is to help believers learn to praise God in all they do. In this blog you will find inspiring stories of faith, helpful devotionals for your personal and corporate worship edification, as well as helpful tools, aids, and online helps to keep you connected. uproarpraise.com

        1. Achmad

          I really aparecipte this question and the answers that have already been given. In my own journey of the last four years I have come to understand prayer much differently than I used to. Previously I understood it more in terms of petition asking and begging God to do things and seeing little result. But our journey into deliverance ministry quickly showed that healing prayer was much more than just asking God to do things. Rather, we found that soul issues like forgiveness were critical to seeing people find healing and deliverence. In time, we came to realize that prayer meant muc more than petition real prayer meant deeply interacting with people, helping them forgive and renounce strongholds, and commanding the sickness and demonic to get out. When we did this, we saw much more healing happen! I also think there is an aspect of healing prayer which is strongly connected to the outpouring of God’s presence in a room, a building, a city. For instance, I am intrigued that Jesus and the Apostles seemingly did not take people through a healing process like Sozo. Rather, I see them command the illness to leave. Jesus carried an extraordinary anointing of the Kingdom presence, as did the Apostles, and he didn’t have to Sozo people, he could just command it to happen. I believe this is a dimension that is very much available to us, but it is part of the mystery of revival. I have friends who have been in meetings where the anointing for healing was so strong that people were healed at a word, and everyone present was healed. Yet, the same people, at other meetings had much lower success in healing. Command and authority yes. Process yes. And at times the dramatic, manifest power of God where healing is as easy as saying be healed. I look forward to seeing more of all of this!!

      1. Samson

        Think of it this way:When God created the world, He plaecd Adam and Eve on the earth, right? Everything was perfect the first two humans were following God. In creation, God had plaecd two trees in the garden the Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He told Adam and Eve that if they ate of the second tree, they would die they would be separated from Him and sin would enter the world, basically.We all know the story: they ate from the tree.Why would God leave that tree there for them to be tempted by? I think of it this way: God probably didn’t want a bunch of robots running around on the earth obeying His every command. He wants a true, genuine relationship. He wants us to choose Him! Otherwise, it’s kind of fake, right? If there’s no choice, we wouldn’t be able to choose for God or against God, right?Yes, it’s a sad fact, but evil exists. Some people choose not to follow God. C.S. Lewis once said that the gates of hell are locked from the inside. People chose hell. They heard it over and over and over in their lives whether it was a street evangelist or a close friend/relative that really loved them and shared with them the Gospel. It’s not God’s will that any should perish, the Bible says, but that all would turn to God. But man has free will.Those who choose God are going to heaven, and those who do not are going to hell.The antichrist will kill out of evil he will be heavily influenced by Satan. He will kill out of hatred because Satan is, after all, evil.It is our job, as Christians, to tell everyone we can about Jesus. It’s our duty to share the Good News, because otherwise, they will choose Hell.

    1. Feby

      You have come face to face with many truths. You no leognr choose to live in an alternate reality like many of your born-again, evangelical friends, and I suspect family members as well. Has your personal journey not also resulted in a questioning of the Jesus Christ resurrection story, which is truly the very foundation of Christianity itself?Have you been able to hang on to Jesus as savior and Lord while rejecting the o.t. as being the word of God?To me, when I could no leognr reconcile Yahweh-god to Jesus-god in something called a Holy Trinity, the whole premise of Jesus as the Son of God/Yahweh, sent to die for my sins and bring me eternal life started to fall apart very quickly. IOW, if I reject Yahweh as the creator god of the universe, how do I hold on to Christ as the savior of mankind?I lived in that alternate reality of evangelical Christianity for 30 years, so I very much identify with those still there, especially my sweet family members whom I love dearly. I feel very free, but they just can’t understand how anyone can live or love without Jesus in his heart. I am still the same loving husband and dad/granddad as before, but I just choose to live in the reality that the bible was written by men, not God.newepiphany

      1. Rifky

        believe that God’s intention is to do a copemlte restoration body soul and spirit, He calls us to do the best for everybody ( pray and heal) but it is up to the sick to choose at their level of faith what is going to happen, God uses this to proclaim the kingdom through the demonstration of his power (by healing) that is why a believer who knows his identity in Christ and is empowered by the anointing of the spirit will know that in order to be effective representing God you need to do everything , heal them Physically and proclaim salvation (prayer to repent because if they accept Jesus in their hearts that will automatically heal their spirit) you claim that soul for the kingdom of God by prayer!! otherwise they will think that every time a back or a knee hurts they can come to the gene and that is all they need; we have to use the opportunity given to the max ,the soul will be only saved by prayer and repentance and is the only eternal part of us ,the only one that really matters so do we need to pray? if we do only prayer or healing then you’re cheating them of a blessing because if you don’t tell them about salvation you will be responsible for that soul in front of God one day and if you don’t heal them knowing that God is entrusting you that power for His glory and proclamation of his kingdom then you’re in trouble too because God tells us to give, and don’t tell people you can’t give something when you have it to give . I think that is the diversion of the devil he never tells the whole truth so people are deceived thinking we can only pray and ask God then wait see what He does but unless you dig a little deeper you might get prayed for or even heal but what about your soul? is it saved if your knee or elbow gets heal? Prayer is very important, it opens the door but once inside you have to do as much possible according to Gods plan and what the persons faith will believe God can do, Jesus gave this guys the power to do everything, we also have the power in our authority in Christ and the power of the holy spirit living in us but a lot of people do not know who they are and they are deceived . Jesus sent the 72 to proclaim the kingdom. he told them to do two things not only heal the sick also proclaim the kingdom …..Heal the sick who are there and tell them, The kingdom of God is near you.’… ..in v16 he confirms that they were not only to heal 16“The one who listens to you listens to Me, and the one who rejects you rejects Me; and he who rejects Me rejects the One who sent Me.” .I think people are content with just a prayer because they are following traditions and they are not aware of the full power of God they do not know who God is, or who they are (body soul and spirit) that’s the problem they just do what they learned in Sunday school there is no knowledge of God and the devil takes advantage of it because he knows the bible better than some believers. when Jesus sent the 72 to proclaim the kingdom to me that is salvation back then they did not know salvation because Jesus did not die for our sins yet ,but he was calling them to a higher standard a copemlte transformation to a kingdom living that will keep them away from hell and send them to heaven. to me the healing was the bonus to proclaim the kingdom is like going to costco and trying the samples they give you as you’re shopping down your list, their intention is to change your mind into buying something better, that is what Jesus was doing giving people a taste of the kingdom if they bought into that they will have to change their lifestyle to please God and consequently make it to heaven but if they rejected them they were not willing to change and even that may be they got heal physically they were rejecting eternity in heaven because they were not desiring the change and make a commitment to God, they were just tasting the sample and walking away without buying the product it feels good when you try that piece of special cooked tritip or chicken but if you walk away without buying it you’ll never going to taste it again.What is the difference?If you just pray for them the prayer may not be that effective because of other emotions or spiritual issues or soul issues on the way, but if they start by giving their life to God by repenting then the healing process is already started with their spirit and it will be at full blast!! The Holy Spirit has a lot more room to move in a repentant heart, but I think either prayers or healing will be limited without repentance.

  2. M.L.

    I was just curious about something. I don’t recall Christopher ever mentioning evolution on his YouTube channel. Do you, Christopher, reject evolution or do you believe it is reconcilable with Biblical acounts, a position taken by many, including the famed apologist scholar Alvin Plantinga. Also, what denomination are you?

    1. Chris Levich Post author

      We don’t belong to any denomination at this point – but our last official church was a Congregational.

      Evolution is a funny thing for me (Chris). I don’t talk about it a lot because most of what I imagine concerning the topic is speculation…

      I believe its possible God allowed evolution to happen on the planet (explaining fossils) – wiped the planet clean of life (like an ice age perhaps) – hovered over the waters (from Genesis) – and created all things again – speaking that which He desired into creation. I think He passed on such creatures as dinosaurs in the ‘new’ earth – but kept others or created new creatures inspired by creatures that naturally evolved before He ‘hovered over the waters’.

      So you see – a video would be nothing but my imagination and little to back it up… but I don’t mind sharing my ideas in a forum like this… thanks for asking! 🙂

    2. Shanna

      I truly believe that the main way to make praeyr more strong in your life; or perhaps you mean how to make praeyr a bigger part of your life; is to just make up your mind that you are going to pray every day. We cannot just pray when we need God’s help, but we must pray to Him continually; every day. First of all, we can be praying and people all around us never know it. For true praeyr to God comes from a person’s heart. And it is the heart to which the Lord looks. We can pray from our heart, without ever opening our mouth. We need to pray when we begin each day, as we proceed through each day, and always pray at night before we go to bed. But there are certain things or certain people which God will lay on our heart to pray for as we go through each day. And we must also realize that our praeyrs should also always include giving thanks to God for his many blessings which He has already given unto us; our salvation, the healing of our bodies, filling us with his Holy Spirit, giving us all power and authority over the devil, as well as many other blessed things. And the more that we continue to pray in these ways, the more we will be led by God to do so. But praeyr is a matter of choice. We can choose to pray, or choose to fail to do so. And when we are truly sincere to God in our praeyrs, we will also see his power develop in our lives. If there was ever a time when people needed to be praying to God continually, it is the day in which we live.References :


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