Hebrews 6:19 “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure…”

I attended a Women of Faith conference and the theme of the conference was Irrepressible Hope.  It was amazing to witness God working through the women presenters.  I was touched by their vulnerability, compassion and pure joy they found in Yeshua the Messiah, also known as Jesus Christ.  My thoughts tumbled around and my spirit was filled. I realized the past few weeks God had been tugging on my heart to look at my own life – the word balance kept circling around in the portals of my mind.    It was not until this weekend that I was able to piece together what my patient, loving God was trying to convey. The next paragraph depicts an ongoing conversation I had with Adonai.

Adonai, can you run that by me again?  I didn’t quite get what you said. Oh, my life is out of balance, I see.   Yeah I know my checkbook is a mess. I mean, I do try to keep it neat and tidy and well, balanced. It just never seems to work out, it’s always off a few cents here, a few cents there.  Actually, in all honesty I don’t like using one. Oh, you were not talking about my checkbook. Hmmm. Ok. Well the upstairs closet is full of “stuff” and I have been trying to clean it out, along with the other closets, and the junk drawer too.  It just seems every time I want to start, there is something else to do. You more than anyone, know being a single parent is demanding; and of course there is my job and that requires mucho time. Oh, you were not talking about that either, huh. Well, now You’ve really stumped me.  What is it then, is it my time management skills? Honestly, I cram as much into each day as I can. I think I do ok considering I am running here and there and I still manage to get dinner on the table most nights. Hmmm, that’s not it either. Well what is it then? OH, so that’s it! Once again I have managed to allow too much  “junk” to pile up in one area of my life. Funny I did not even realize the scales were tipping.

Obviously God was not speaking to me about balance in the sense of checkbooks or weights and measures.  But rather, physical, emotional and spiritual balance. How do you achieve that kind of stability or balance in your life when the world we live in is so out of balance?  You can’t, but God can. As I began to pray and process what God was showing me, I realized that I could not achieve balance without discipline and obedience to the things God has called me to.   Further along in my thought process, I realized that discipline and obedience is impossible to achieve without having hope in something. And the only thing that is worth having hope in, is of course, Adonai.

Why is balance so important?  Balance represents health. There is a peace that emanates from a person who has balance, stability, and a quiet assurance that can only come from God.   It can be said that both physical and emotional health is important, however, the most important area in our lives is our spiritual health. Our spiritual health defines who we are.  

What is spiritual health?  Spiritual health is having a personal relationship with the Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  It is a dynamic, interactive relationship that is based on unconditional, unwavering, unmatchable love and trust.  Spiritual healthiness requires reading His word, taking in and giving out. It requires vulnerability, transparency, humbleness and meekness.  It requires you to pursue God with all your heart, mind and soul. It requires the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the ability to listen and follow the Spirit no matter what your desires might be.  It requires obedience and discipline to the commands that were given to mankind long ago.

Without hope we would have no need for spiritual health and therefore would never achieve any balance or stability in our lives.  Hope is defined, as a feeling of what is wanted will happen; it is a desire accompanied by expectation. (Webster’s New World Dictionary)  Coming around full circle, I finally have realized that my life is out of balance. The areas of my life that God has been pointing out to me have remained unchanged.  My balance, my stability wavered. My physical and emotional health began to wane. I knew that NOW was the time to make the changes that were so necessary for my spiritual health, recognizing that without spiritual health I would not be able to attain physical or emotional well being, I would not be balanced or have stability.  

Balance is an important characteristic to attain.  When you are stable, balanced, God can use you to minister to other people who are a few steps behind you.   It is my desire to be His servant, to wash the feet of those He has put in my path. Without balance, I would be to preoccupied dealing with my own instability and “junk” to recognize the needs of others.  I pray that my Father continues to show me the areas of my life that need change. I thank Him and give Him the glory and praise only He deserves. I love Him.